Zoo Phonics

Zoo PhonicsIn 2009, EVCCA introduced Zoo Phonics into our curriculum.  EVCCA was looking to identify a pre-literacy program that would further prepare our students for their formal educational years.  After research and recommendations by early childhood professionals, EVCCA adopted Zoo Phonics, a curriculum that is also used within our local school district.  Zoo Phonics is a multi-sensory approach to learning letters and each letter’s phonemic sound.  In Zoo Phonics, each letter has an animal (visual learners), body movement and active games (kinesthetic learners), sounds/songs (auditory learners), and letter shapes (visual learners).  Zoo Phonics captures the attention and imagination of even the youngest learner.  Zoo Phonics focuses on teaching the phonemic sound of each letter BEFORE letter identification because reading involves an understanding of letter sounds.  Zoo Phonics has given our students a foundation for success in Kindergarten.